现在阅读: 精神武器:3个冰雹玛利亚以求纯净


玛丽_妈妈,_朱莉娅_玛格丽特_卡梅伦(1)因为尽管我们在肉体中行走,但我们并不按照肉体作战。 因为我们战争的武器不是肉体的,而是上帝强大的,可以撤防…” St. Paul

Every day, we face various temptations to sin. These temptations take many forms. Some of us struggle with an explosive temper, others with selfishness, others with pornography, still others with greed 和 materialism. By God’s grace, we must overcome these sins 和 put them death. Sheer will power is not enough, however.

In the spiritual combat, we need spiritual weapons, so today, I am beginning a series on supernatural 在struments we can use to fight sin 和 grow 在 holiness. These weapons have been handed down to us 通过 the great saints of the 天主教徒 信仰, 和 they have been tested 和 proven on the field of spiritual battle.


罪ce today is the feast of the Queenship of 玛丽, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss a devotion that calls on the Queen of Heaven for aid—the practice of saying three Hail 玛丽s each morning 和 before bed.







This devotion is an especially powerful weapon 在 combatting sins of lust.圣Alphonsus, one of the greatest promoters of this devotion, recommended adding the following prayer at the end:“By thy pure 和 Immaculate Conception, O 玛丽, make my body pure 和 my soul holy.”Another option is to pray,“Mother, keep me this day from mortal sin.”

No matter how busy we are, we can all make time for this simple, fast, 和 powerful devotion. It is an excellent piece of spiritual armor, 和 if you practice it 信仰fully, you will grow 在 holiness 和 find strength 在 your struggles against sin.

您是否拥有一生中特别强大的精神武器,奉献精神或圣礼? 给我发一条信息 建议的奉献精神以及您收到的任何恩典故事。




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  1. 大卫·恩戈神父


  2. ian

    I am a supposed to be 天主教徒, but it seems I’m losing 信仰 on it whole. When you mentioned temptations, lets take for example; lust, how would u define the lust you referred to? Is it excessive Lust? Or normal male 和 female attraction as 在 naturally attracted to one 和 another as humanly as we are curves, social stability, finance stability? Im just confused how prayers alone could control“lust’. Thanks

    1. 克里斯·戴斯·罗彻斯


      I think a quick 在troduction 在to the vices 和 virtues could be found 在 both of these two books on the Seven Capital 罪s, one 通过 Blessed Fulton Sheen, 和 the second 通过 the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. Both available 在 Kindle 和 Paperback versions.



      Yet, I think those would just help you begin to form an idea for what lust 和 all the virtues are of which you would have need as we all do to pray over. Still, we aren’t done with what might help 和 be accessible too.

      圣经中的两个欲望实例包括大卫王’的罪过,以及但以理书末尾的两位老朽,淫荡,淫荡的法官。 (考虑大卫’罪恶之后,他被要求以描述大卫性格的诗篇来悔改安贡’的act悔行为。)

      Finally 和 more specficially, St. 和 Pope John Paul II, wrote a book called “Love 和 Responsibility.” It decribes the nuances of the nature of attraction 和 when 和 how it can be appropriately upheld for the good of all 和 when it is reduc// to using others. I good 在troduction to that book is Edward Sri’s book found here. It will give the more details as how to understand attraction between a man 和 a woman 在 a way that more clearly answers your to your concern, is this attraction acceptable 和 good 在 the eyes of God, or is disordered, or a matter of lust.

      It happens, I’ve been told that St. Thomas Aquinas describes the distinction as to how we are attracted to what is sinful due to our, I believe, ignorance of the good. You might want to consider looking at that distinction too.


    2. Yesterday while I took my siesta I saw a man dressed 在 a white robe, though I only saw him from the waist down. And I understood him telling me to say 3 hail 玛丽’s. I had never heard of this prayer. Until I googled it 和 eventually came to this blog. Thank you Jesus, I promise to obey.

  3. 早在我约会的那几年,我发现在睡前每晚为3个冰雹玛丽祈祷非常有帮助:1)身体纯净,2)心灵纯净,和3)心灵纯净

  4. 布赖恩


  5. 迪克·摩根


  6. Aemmel


  7. 天使之战友爱在贞操之战中也是非常有力的帮助!

  8. 杰西卡(Jessica)


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  10. 我也向我的守护天使圣迈克尔和圣约瑟夫祈祷,也向圣托马斯·阿奎那祈祷,因为他从来没有受到杂质的诱惑,因为上帝抵制不纯净的诱惑而得到奖赏。

  11. Venatrix

    Every day I pray this way to Blessed Virgin, 和 to St. Michael, 和 to 圣约瑟夫 (Virginum custos et pater, Sancte Ioseph, cuius fideli custodiae ipsa Innocentia–Christus Iesus et Virgo virginum, Maria–commisa fuit; te per hoc utrumque pignus Iesum et Mariam obsecro et obtestor ut me ab omni immunditia praeservatum, mente 在contaminata, puro corde et casto corpore Iesu et Mariae semper facis castissime famulari. Amen.)

  12. 沙弗


  13. 这些确实是非常有力的祈祷,非常如此。

  14. 玛格丽特·特雷维诺三世


  15. 愿上帝大大祝福你…我将立即开始并将其教给我的孩子们。

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