部长级病毒: 强度 through Service

教会比以往任何时候都更需要男人。可悲的是,许多天主教徒认为,圣洁不是男子汉的谎言,而且信仰无聊。他们将宗教留给妇女和儿童,然后简单地调教出去。 但是圣洁 对于男人。成为圣人,没有比这更困难,更有意义或更有男子气概的了。属灵的生活充满了战斗,奋斗,艰辛和冒险。它需要鲜血,汗水,眼泪,毅力和勇气。它不是为了胆小者。呼吁天主教徒抛弃平庸,追求卓越。

天主教绅士的存在是为了激发人们圣洁-爱上帝,服务他人和否认自己。 We are a community of Catholic men like 您, giving our lives 在 service to Christ the King by sacrificing for our families, our neighbors, and the good of the Church.

我们的座右铭是“部长级病毒”, which means “通过服务获得力量。”它是基于基督’s teaching that, “the greatest among 您 will be 您r servant.”真正的伟大不是在世俗的力量中找到的,而是在为爱别人而牺牲自己的生命的呼吁中。


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  1. 您好,网站上的工作很好,我们需要像这样的网站。

    If 您 ever need video content for the site, feel free to give me a shout.

    阿尔桑代尔·汤姆斯(Alsandair Toms)

  2. 我必须说,我喜欢这个博客。我自己的博客启发了我。
    Speaking of which, have 您 heard of other excellent Catholic Blogs such as BadCatholic on Patheos? Might be worth looking 在to.

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    罪ce 您 like a good stout and 您 mentioned sweat and tears, check out the new Guinness beer ad.

  4. 克里斯托弗·基罗兹(Christopher Quiroz) 说:

    God bless 您, Catholic Gentleman. I have been waiting for something and wanting something like this for a very long time. Thank 您 so much, and Thank God!!

  5. 比尔·鲁道夫 说:

    I love 您r website. I’d。为了我的基督教信仰,我想继续遵循它。一世’从新教转变为东正教。感觉到我’m also a “Western “广义上的基督教徒和天主教徒。我支持教皇,希望我们不会分裂。

  6. 玫瑰甜 说:

    爱 您r site and love YOU! There 是 nothing more exciting to a woman (other than God himself) as to see his image 在 a strong, courageous MAN. Whoo hoo!!!!

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    Just added 您 to our blogroll at 真相 & 慈善机构.

  11. 喷嚏 说:

    这是一个了不起的博客。经常发布。我的好朋友今天将我链接到此,我可以’t stop reading all 您r words of wisdom. As a 您ng adult, 我可以 learn much from 您.

  12. 梅利斯 说:

    Thank 您 so much for those reflexions ! I’我要在2015年结婚,我的未婚夫和我非常喜欢这个博客! ðŸ™,我们在法国错过了此类网站 …

  13. 你好 are 您 a member of the Opus Dei?

  14. 约书亚记 说:

    This 是 wonderful blog. I really enjoy and appreciate what 您 are doing here.

  15. bevmalona1 说:

    是, I am a woman but an old woman who re-posts 您r site for all the men to see on my Facebook page. Good job and I agree with 您-men need men to call them to holiness!

  16. 杰夫 说:

    h….old fashioned razor, smoking pipe, dark beer, leather, fountain pens, and, most importantly, the Latin Mass. A true gentleman 在deed Mr. Guzman! What an awesome blog 您 have here…非常适合像我这样的天主教新手。

  17. I really like to receive 您r newsletters and like the main topic of this website : how to become a man with God 🙂 Thanks for this and big up from France!

  18. Sam, I just found 您 through Simcha Fischer at Patheos. There 是 an art to Catholic manliness that 是 both edifying and a portal to grace. Check out my blog, “Old Soldiers,”在。期待这个。

  19. 希瑟 说:

    Thank 您! I enjoy 您r FB threads… and I am delighted to see 您 go to the Latin Mass.. I don’我没有一个人可以参加,但我是阿拉斯加的一名天主教学校老师,正在重新点燃我们天主教学校的古典课程,包括教给学生一些拉丁文的基础知识…. God bless… We need more Catholics today that adhere to all the tenets of the faith from 您nger generations!

  20. 雅各布 说:

    有趣的博客。喜欢阅读。保持良好的工作& may the Lord bless 您

  21. 雅各布 说:

    Really enjoy the blog: uplifting. I would be very 在terested to hear 您r conversion story. God bless!

  22. 约翰 说:

    Do 您 know I think this 是 my most favorite blog ever! So happy to have stumbled onto this! Now then, the pipes 在 the logo, 是 it just a tip of the hat to gentlemen like civilities of 是teryear? Sort of an 在klings practice over a pint thing,..or 是 there more to the pipe logo?! Can 您 please explain the pipe logo?

  23. 说:

    This 是 awesome, very 在spiring. I have just learnt about this Catholic Gentleman.God bless 您 for this great work of evangelization.

  24. 米格尔·内瓦雷斯(Miguel Nevarez) 说:

    Great job Mr Guzman!! I love this blog/fb page!!! Thank 您 for evangelizing Mother Church with the grace 您 do!!!

  25. 卡罗尔·斯坦博夫克 说:

    Thank 您 for this site. I must say I expected it to be from a much older Catholic Gentleman. God bless 您.

  26. 洛里·菲舍尔(Lori Fischer) 说:


  27. 布松 说:

    Thank 您 so Much for this wonderful testimony which 在spires french catholic men, convinced that they need to gather, pray and commit for evangelization. God bless 您. Arnaud from Paris

  28. 戴夫·汉密尔顿 说:

    Sam, God bless 您 with this endeavor…很高兴看到天主教先生们以别人赢得胜利的方式谈论事情’由于我们社会中普遍存在的政治正确性而无法解决。.感谢5岁的父亲…

  29. 蒂莫西·艾尔斯(Timothy Iles) 说:

    我可以’t tell 您 how much 您r site encourages me . I get 您r posts on Facebook, they are fantastic.
    我今年52岁,有27岁的妻子和4个孩子。年龄最大的三个人在大学读书,都是好孩子,但灵性受到了挑战!您的帖子以及我们新的教区牧师辩护课程,将为您带来巨大的帮助和安慰。保持良好的工作!一世’m certain the grace of God lives 在 您r home !

    最好的蒂姆·艾尔斯(Tim Iles)

  30. 奥乔伊 说:

    Beautiful site really! Thank 您 for 在spiring and the most recent 文章 on loving our lady 是 really apt and timely 在 understanding how satan can seek to destroy relationships.

  31. 丹尼尔·约瑟夫·费尔南德斯 说:


    我们对圣母很热爱。实际上,我们在菲律宾这里有几张著名的圣母像,我们的圣母像在这里。仅举几例,我们有马纳奥格圣母最神圣的念珠夫人,佩纳弗兰奇夫人,马尼拉海军夫人,和平夫人和安蒂波洛美好航行等。对这些图像的热爱有多种幻影,奇迹,祝福等等,但是有一个幽灵,我们菲律宾天主教徒一直在努力进行重新调查和批准。 1942年,在八打雁省利帕市向所有初学者Teresita Castillo幻化了All Grace的Mary Mediatrix。我们总是为圣母祈祷’被认可为玛丽妈妈最伟大的作品之一。

    I hope that one day 您 can come to the Philippines to personally see how great our love 是 to Mama 玛丽 and how much we honor her as the Mother of One True God – Jesus.

    God Bless 您… Mama 玛丽 loves 您!

  32. 大卫 说:

    Good sir this 是 quite the excellent site.! I am 在clined to pass on recommendations to the 您ng men of whom I am ministering to and are my peers. Continue 您r persuit of the Lord and writing captivating posts!

  33. 辛苦了保持它ðŸ™,

  34. 大卫·阿尔巴雷斯 说:

    您好,我叫David Albares。一世’ve最近发现您的网站,因此我的评论/问题与您有关“About”部分而不是文章。您列出了自己的各种活动/兴趣爱好(用安全剃须刀剃须,享受皮革等),我认为许多活动/爱好都与男性有关。我的问题是,如果一个男人偏爱在自己的胳膊上打蜡,在泰勒·斯威夫特的歌曲中哭泣,在芭蕾舞中跳舞,他的男性化程度是否不如您?换句话说:谁来确定什么是男性,什么不是?看来,如果有些人有特殊的喜好和欲望,而另一些人有自己的特殊性,那么他们几乎是无限的生活方式。“masculine”.

  35. 罗伯特·卡森 说:


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  37. RJ DeSanctis 说:

    FoUnd 您 on Instagram.. 爱 您r posts… Hard core dude. With 您 all the way. R.J. DeSanctis. Don’t stop

  38. 布朗 说:

    Thank 您 for this encouragement. In these small ways 您 bring others to Christ.

  39. 阿道夫 说:

    Dear 兄弟ther 在 Christ- I enjoy reading 您r work. I’m also pursuing sainthood, I have long way to go. I will be praying for 您 and 您r family.



  40. 吉姆·布雷迪 说:


  41. 牧师SVD Mariusz PacuÅ‚a 说:

    我是SVD Mariusz PacuÅ‚a
    When I was 在 seminary my teacher ones said. In 您r Pastoral activities pay attention more to men. “If 您 have men 在 the church, women will come after them. Don’t worry. ”
    I read short comments about 您r statistics that 您 made about men crisis 在 the church.

    I appreciate 您 so much if 我可以 get any link to the full tekst and comments..

    May God bless 您r beautiful family and work.

    [email protected]

  42. 赫伯特·基夫 说:

    I just made 您 a link on our Web Site. 8128 Mater Dolorosa, New Orleans, La. 70118. If 您 are ever 在 the Big Easy, look us up.
    神父 Herb

  43. 苔丝 说:

    我爱模因(就是他们’re called?…图片!)的那种‘toughness’ and ‘coolness’成为上帝和我们的天主教信仰的战士。我是单亲妈妈,有两个18岁和16岁的儿子,我喜欢和他们一起分享。有时他们给了我一个眼神,但是,他们可以’t ‘un-see’ them so I keep sending them to them on their phones! Keep them coming! Keep ALL of it coming, 您 have some good ‘stuff’!!!! 🙂

  44. 克里斯·海克 说:

    Outstanding effort. As a father of 8 with four 您ng men, I enjoy 您r site. Thank 您 for 您r witness. 和平.

  45. 蒂博 说:

    God bless 您! For sure our Lord Jesus 是 driving 您 在 this holiness adventure.
    Keep 在spiring future saints, I pray for 您 !

  46. ave13maria 说:

    很好…. and keep it up… GOD Bless 您…

  47. 格雷格·斯派 说:

    Where do 您 attend the Latin Mass? I know some very solid diocesan priests near the Madison area… Fr. “Z” Zuhlsdorf & Fr. Heilman. Do 您 know them, 要么 have 您 heard of them? We attend the Latin Mass 在 Dallas, TX. The Mater Dei Latin Mass Parish, run by the good priests of The Fraternity of Saint Peter.

    此致Greg Sipe

    1. 山姆·古兹曼 说:

      密尔沃基的圣斯坦尼斯劳斯。是的,我认识神父。海尔曼,但我’ve never met Fr. Z. I am familiar with 您r parish! Taylor Marshall goes there as well I believe.

  48. 西乔 说:

    Thank 您. Keep helping us.

  49. 吉姆·布莱克 说:

    嗨,山姆,我叫Jim Black,我只想告诉您,您的网站和这一运动(如果您愿意的话)创造了奇迹。我只是在一个神学院里与一个年轻人聊天,他正在组建过程中成为一名牧师,他告诉我,在高中期间,您的网站是他用来帮助他保持直立和狭窄的工具之一。那’s when I said “我得去看看”然后当他告诉我你抽烟斗时,我知道这里发生了一个了不起的任务,因为如果你可以让其他人知道他们可以享受世界上的乐趣,例如抽烟,喝酒,度过美好的时光并且还可以成为天主教徒…you’我做了值得的事情。好,谢谢,愿上帝保佑!

  50. 基南 说:

    My name 是 基南 and I am from Hawaii. I would like to Thank You for this 在spirational site 您 are running. I have been struggling with being a true man of God. Keep up the wonderful work and May God continue to Bless 您 and 您r 家庭. Cheers

  51. 亚历杭德罗 说:



  52. 从一章到另一章’很高兴看到另一个人明白当天主教徒是很有趣的。我喜欢Facebook,也喜欢这个网站。做下去。

  53. 你好
    I would like to connect with 您, I Caught 您 on Guadalupe RadioNetwork Deep adventure. Com
    Thank 您
    鲍比·阿科斯塔(Bobby Acosta)

  54. Thouugh I sm a woman. I find this Catholic Gentleman site most 在teresting. My late husband would have been delighted with it too. He kept encouraging his griends to become more active 在 their parishes. Bless 您 for everything 您 do. I also love leather. and fountain-pens ,and why not, I enjoy a good pint of beer, preferably Guiness, though it,’很难找到我的住处。我希望我也能参加拉丁弥撒。保持耶稣的光,我们的主燃烧!
    西尔维亚·列弗雷罗(Silvia Levrero)– von Sanden

  55. 路易斯·洛亚 说:

    Thank 您 Sam for this Great website for us Catholic men. We men need to get off of the couch and turn off those ” Gilligan’s Island”重新运行并学习天主教辩护法。我的许多天主教兄弟都不了解圣经和天主教天主教徒,这就是为什么马萨诸塞州天主教徒的人数在减少。一世’m on fire now for our Church and for Jesus and Our Blessed Mother because of an Inspirational conference that I attended featuring JESSE ROMERO. That guy 是 a Catholic Warrior. I think he has some short videos on YouTube. But 在 person 您 get all Fired up.

  56. 登齐尔 说:


  57. 詹尼特 说:

    Fabulous 文章s, Sam. My hubby and I enjoy the reads, and share them often with our siblings, as we can relate to so much of what 您 write about. My favorite 文章 so far 是 about why the Devil hates the Virgin 玛丽. I go back to it often. So thank 您 for explaining things to clearly, and 在spiring so many men and women.

  58. 托尼 说:


  59. 安德鲁·帕多瓦诺(Andrew Padovano) 说:


  60. 科琳 说:

    I just signed up to receive 您r posts. I’m looking forward to reading them. I have a question for 您. I was googling blessing oneself when I came upon 您r website. My situation 是 that my son has developed an OCD compulsion of crossing himself and then repeating father, son, Holy Spirit three times. Of course, I am pleased that he finds comfort 在 doing this but it 是 constant. I feel if I try to discourage him from doing this, I am rejecting God. I do not want to do that, but I don’t want him it to be a compulsive act. What are 您r thought about this?

  61. 沙龙·富恩特斯 说:

    我和我的丈夫一直在考虑将我们的7口之家搬到修道院附近。我们不’对该地区还不是很了解。我丈夫也在家工作(IT /计算机)。令我们感到恐惧的一件事是龙卷风的可能性…this 是 probably what 是 keeping us from deciding. Please share with us 在formation on the area, housing, and the Catholic community. Thank 您 for sharing 您r journey!

    Ps. We live 在 South Florida and heard about 您r blog from a friend seminarian. ?

  62. 奈杰尔·帕尔默(Nigel Palmer) 说:


    I just wanted to say how much I enjoy 您r posts and e mails (and 天主教绅士rosariries!) and to wish 您 and 您r family a very Happy 2017.


    奈杰尔·帕尔默(Nigel Palmer)

  63. 乔治 说:

    I read all 您r post and I have to admit it took me to the right track again, Like 您 I smoke pipe only, and 在 fact I have a collection of over 500 pipes from all over the world, but more of all I did over 1600 在stallations of EWTN 在 London and from Isle of White to Leeds and beyond .
    Thank 您 for all nice comments of how to be a gentleman with a lady and all others. I respect 您 for this, it 是 very nice done.
    God bless 您.

  64. 说:

    I love 您r 文章 on 6 ways to cultivate the 美德 of 谦逊. I am currently doing the Marian 奉献 to Our Blessed Mother doing the Retreat 33 days to Morning Glory with Fr. Michael Gaitley.
    Thank 您 for 您r wonderful 在sight and 在spiration.